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Your Wellness Journey.


Your Journey to Wellness Sometimes Starts with Many Questions.

As a Practitioner,  I am frequently asked these questions:

  • “Have you  treated or can you treat XYZ dis-ease?”
  • “Can the treatment / remedy you prescribe get rid of XYZ disease or symptom?”
  • “Can you get me Well?”


My answer is, I can certainly assist you on your path to Wellness using my knowledge, experience as well as the use of various modalities in personalising and delivering your Wellness programs, but it is ultimately you who will get yourself Well.

The factors causing your situation and the journey to resolution are unique to YOU! Here you will gain your own Why’s, insights, experiences, lessons to learn, new ways of thinking and lifestyles that serve you. The path is a process not a protocol.

… Appreciate what you have, Focus on your Wellness, more than your illness. Focus on what you want (your wellness and vibrant health) rather than what you don’t (your named illness and symptoms). And… Seek assistance when needed to optimise your best result for what you clearly want.

What you focus on expands!


To your Wellness…

Dr Simi Khanna