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Your Body Was Designed To Heal Itself!

So What’s Stopping It?


Man has this peculiar habit of trying to re-invent the wheel. Instead of using what works we try to be clever and come up with something new.


Eventually we lose sight of the original workable concept and in the case of the body, confuse it by giving it substances that are designed to replace what the body can do naturally in the first place.


Wouldn’t it be far better to repair our bodies with the same elements that the body’s intelligence uses to allow it to function in a healthy way?


Have these elements been damaged or depleted & preventing your body from using its own natural healing skills?

If so can they be repaired?

Yes They Can!


Let’s get down to basics.

The cells which make up the body contain essential elements that exist in nature, namely Oxygen derived from Air, Water, Light Photons and Nutrients. These are energised by physical and emotional vibrations to support our life functions.

You feel as well as your cells are receiving these natural ingredients, so that the body regains the energy to heal itself.


In order to repair the system, Dr Simi Khanna has devised a simple, non-invasive method, using modern scientific equipment, which detects imbalances in your cells and provides them with much needed and entirely natural elements.

This immediately enables the inherent intelligence of your body to move past illness and greatly enhance your quality of life.


Don’t go past your ‘cell-by’ date!

Call . to Book a free initial consultation with Dr Simi Khanna in order to restore the wellness you deserve!