Cellular Medicine

Welcome to the New Age of Medicine

Cellular Medicine is an Integrated System of Evaluation and multi-modality

therapeutics that utilises elements that are inherently present within

the Cells of the Body and Nature to Regulate and Empower

the cellular function of the body.

Cellular Medicine deals with Health and its regulation. Things are not brought into being by thinking and working on their opposites. Health is not be attained by studying disease and thinking of disease but rather by embracing all aspects of well being. Cellular Medicine does not work by suppressing the symptoms of the dis-ease or by changing the body chemistry which seem to take away the dis-ease fast but may in the long term create disharmony in the functioning of the body. It addresses and deals with the cause and contributing factors to sickness and disease at the cellular level.

Cells are the fundamental units and building blocks of the living body. Cells unite to form tissues and organs of the living body. There is division of labour of cells in the organs and body systems so that the body can work as a whole. Dr Bruce Lipton, the renowned Biologist says, Even though humans are made up of trillions of cells, there is not one ‘new’ function in our bodies that is not already expressed in the single cell.

Single cells are also capable of learning through environmental experiences and are able to create cellular memories, which they pass on to their offspring. It shouldn’t be surprising that cells are so smart. Single-celled organisms were the first life forms on this planet. Fossil evidence reveals they w ere here within 600 million years after the Earth was first formed.

The body is not just a complex set of components that can be isolated and treated outside the context of the whole. Each cell is part of a flow system within a flow system, designed to maintain balance and poise

Cellular Medicine is ORTHOMOLECULAR (ORTHO = RIGHT/CORRECT, Orthomolecular — using the right molecules). Using the right molecules as should be present in a healthy body. Incidentally the same substances present in Nature are to be found in the cells of our body!

Cells contain and function with optimum Oxygen, Hydration, Light photons, Nutrients, electromagnetic charge, vibrating/resonating frequencies and interaction with other cells and the environment surrounding them. However, whether a cell can absorb nutrients, water, oxygen and function properly depends not only on its structure, but also its Electrical Energetic charge, its ability to flow and carry the nutrients as well as its ability to detoxify properly.

The most potent medicine is found within us — Thoughts, Oxygen,

Light, Electromagnetics, Nutrients… and Within Nature surrounding us!

The use of these substances to treat and regulate the cells of the body (Cellular Medicine) is designed to support the body’s innate wisdom and natural tendencies towards renewal and replenishment.

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