Wellness Programs with Cellular Medicine




A Personalised Wellness program is a step by step system designed to transform you to reclaim your health.

Each program is a personalised prescription where you will , over a period of time

  • Set your own Goals and assess where you are right now
  • Benefit from Specialised tests to uncover Causes that will facilitate your recovery
  • Be advised of Advanced Supplements / Remedies to support your natural healing ability
  • Receive a series of Combined Wellness Therapies to Restore and Recharge your energy
  • Implement effective Self-care routines & lifestyle choices that support you for a vibrant life


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Dr Simi personalises Wellness Programs after carefully considering your needs as Wellness is a process which is unique to everyone.

This ensures direction and commitment from both your and her side to optimise your best results.

For this reason she only designs and delivers programs and does not provide therapies or consultations without personalised programs.