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Wellness Apps for Your Smartphone.


Wellness Apps for your Smartphone and Computer that Protect Your Health!

Recent research indicates exposure to Bright and Blue-spectrum light late in the evening produced by LCD screens may disturb the natural rhythm of your body and cause sleep and other health disruptions.

Your eyes have photo(light) receptors which are sensitive to a narrow band of blue light (460 – 480 nanometers) that mimics sunlight and suppresses the production of an important hormone, Melatonin responsible for healthy sleep-wake cycles and body regeneration.

Studies show an average person reading or working on a Smartphone or Tablet for a couple of hours before bed time may find their sleep shorter by about an hour and may cause hyperactivity especially in children.


These 2 Smartphone Apps make your device screen adapt to the Sun cycle.

  1. f.lux for Desktop and Latop Computers
  2. Twilight App for Android

As sunset approaches your screen’s blue light emission reduces gradiently to protect your eyes and health.


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