Vedic Architectural Remedies

The Application of a 4000 year ancient Science of Vedic Architecture

for Enhanced Wellness and Quality of Life.


Vedic Architectural Remedies

Dr Simi’s life turned upside down when she began living in a particular house.

Having been trained in Ayurveda she was aware of the Science of Vedic Architecture, she began delving deeper into this and was amazed to see the connection and effects of the dwelling on her life experiences.

She applied the Training & Remedies of this sacred Science and began to see changes and is assisting others in doing the same!

To avail of such an enhancement, a Directional Floor plan of your house will be required.


While there exist innumerable Health & Wellness Models and Programs, the most suitable route or model is the one that you allow the Higher Universal Consciousness to orchestrate for you in a way that is just right for you & for the good of all!

– Dr. Simi Khanna

‘There are many dis-eases but Health and Wellness is Unique’

Finding a Wellness Balance Can Be Hard, but It Doesn’t Have To Be

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