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The Wardrobe Wellness Experience

The Wardrobe Wellness Experience – On a lighter note!

After all my travels and living abroad when I decided to return to UK recently, I had the task of gathering all my stuff including clothes lying in various locations, in UK and different sites abroad, some of which were shipped and also included clothes I had inherited from my late mum- a wardrobe in itself.


Too Many Clothes!

The sheer volume of clothes was overwhelming and filled the dolls house in UK. A friend remarked I needed a house just for my clothes and accessories! Then came the task of separating the winter from the summer clothes, the latter being much more as I had been living in India. I decided to put away the summer clothes in the garage in a large metal trunk and several suitcases!!


Summer is Here.

Summer is here now – or so we hope – and came the task of getting summer clothes in and putting away the woollies. Finally decided to heap them all on the floors of the bedrooms. The thought then of arranging them was overwhelming. I chose the whole long weekend- 3 days to do this. Start was the most difficult – Paralysis of where to start, decided to start from the left side of each room- every few hours rewarded myself with coconut water and some dark chocolate. Then came Sunday and it was looking better – till the zillion hangers ran out! I had not put that in the equation – And it was a Sunday and this is UK I thought, shops here are shut. Very frustrated. Decided to somehow clear the floors and finish this darn project- piling pants upon pants in hangers and all sorts of other combinations and voila it was done – WHAT A RELIEF – although I was not particularly happy with the outcome!


Friends to the Rescue.

Anyway, in the afternoon I had decided to pick up a friend and enjoy the invitation of another friend who was playing in the local organic cafe as a treat for ending this mammoth chore – Ha! Upon dropping my friend back, she remarked, Wasn’t it good that the supermarkets are open on a Sunday and that had been so handy for her today… – suddenly remembered oh yes – some shops are open till 4pm on a Sunday now!

Rushed to a shop in town which although open had run out of hangers but found another one which had them, phew! Rushed back home, hangers and all and really finished my project before the end of Sunday as I wanted – neatly hung up – although closets still overflowing!


Change Your Perspective and Enjoy Wellness!

It had been an overwhelming experience and I must offload a VAST NUMBER of clothes this year but as I reviewed my wardrobe work, I started beaming, I thought, before I give away these clothes, I would now take a whole hour everyday to get ready, matching accessories etc to the clothes – I had a complete change of view point from overwhelm to pleasure for the days ahead. I had had a wardrobe wellness experience – realised what putting order can do to uplift ones spirit and also how a person is capable of shifting ones view point from distress to delight! Aren’t we all wonderful!!

Another friend says I should have a change of clothes several times a day- seems impractical in U.K although may be needed with the unbelievable change of weather here!!


Contact me if you have any questions about Wellness.