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The Verdict on High Protein diets and High Fat diets!


The Verdict on High Protein Diets and High Fat Diets!


Research and discussion on the 2 recent varieties of diets have highlighted the following factors:

High Protein diets:

While consumption of Unprocessed, grass fed, high quality animal proteins have shown to be a vital source of energy and health, they also produce 2 unhealthy molecules.

  • One of the molecules promotes inflammation making the person more liable to heart disease, stroke, memory loss, impotence and Cancer.
  • The other chemical produced in increased amounts leads to Kidney failure.


High Fat diets:

The importance of consuming good quality fats can not be overemphasised.

Consumption of fats was vilified for a long time especially due to their cholesterol connection and the public was advised to consume low fat diets.

Recent research has confirmed that consumption of good quality unrefined fats including saturated fats from sources like Butter, Ghee, Coconut oil are paramount for the functioning of the body especially the tissues and organs that contain/ are made up of fat eg the membranes of cells, brain… and it is indeed good news that the public is being made aware of these facts.

However diets high in fats can also clog up the membranes of cells in individuals with rigid or unhealthy cell membranes. This hampers the transport of nutrients and toxins into and out of the cells thereby further decreasing energy levels and healthy functioning of the cells.

Saturated fats also breaks down the blood -brain barrier , a natural barrier which prevents inflammatory molecules entering the brain. High consumption of such fats lets sugar into the brain, leading to short term high or alerting of senses as seen even in Alzheimers and has been likened to cocaine.


The Verdict and moral of the research and much discussion thus leads us back to the adage that Anything in excess is toxic and moderation is the key.


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