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The Glorious Sun.


The Glorious Sun – My Favorite Planet!


My favorite planet Mr Sun is paying us here a special glorious visit. He is a body, heart and soul warming fella, although you don’t want to know his wrath!

Such a visit brings cheer to all the species here, not just us humans. The plant kingdom beams with colorful flowers, the grass grows and the birds make melodious music.

Do Welcome and Mingle with him outdoors, we want him to know how much we really appreciate him so he makes such visits often. He is the source of light, warmth and energy for all the planets.

He is the bearer of many gifts ,  the special one being Vitamin D, which improves your bone health, brain function and enhances the Immune System.

Nitric Oxide, which lowers Blood pressure.

Serotonin, the Feel good hormone, which lifts depression.

Melatonin regulation which improves sleep quality, Healing Light rays especially beneficial for some with skin challenges, Energy for plants by Photosynthesis. Even the yogi’s salute him with their Surya Namaskar sequence.

He beams in these special gifts through your bare skin  but do be aware he prefers people to be respectably dressed for longer periods in his presence.


Soak in his BENEFICIAL RAYS, bask in his golden shine, walk barefoot on the grass, if you can. ENJOY!


Email if you have any questions.