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Stomach Pains


Since moving to India, my 11 year old daughter seemed to be constantly unwell with many different minor ailments and had had more than her fair share of antibiotics prescribed. After complaining for a day or so of stomach pains, sometimes acute, other times not so bad, I sought the advice of Dr Simi Khanna.

Simi had been treating me over a period of months and I decided it was time for my daughter to see her. After some tests and scans we ruled out appendicitis, and Simi then treated her using the Biofeedback system. She diagnosed a form of Candida which was a result of too much sugar and too many antibiotics. I then changed my daughter’s diet and after a few days she was pain free and has not had a stomach pain since – or an antibiotic.

Not only were we able to put my daughter on the road to good health naturally, but this also served as a warning that she was eating the wrong food which could cause substantial health problems further down the line.

Thank you Simi,

Cathy Alphonso.