Self Care

Caring for the health of your body cells with the help of Nature

Do you wear rubber/ plastic soled shoes? Do you spend many hours on the computer? With your WiFi on? Mobile phone ? And other such gadgets that emit electromagnetic radiation?

Who doesn’t ?

Even if we do not use this ourselves in our modern environment we are surrounded by mobile masts, smart meters and many sources of perverse energy.

Body is electromagnetic by nature. There is an electromagnetic flow and communication between the cells of our body systems. This electrical flow and charge is disrupted by sources of perverse energy causing the body systems to malfunction . This leads to a whole host of symptoms and many modern ills, from lack of concentration, memory to chronic fatigue and infection states.

Fortunately, the Nature that surrounds us is a great source of healthy frequencies and negative charge. This is why we feel so good and relaxed when we connect with Nature .

However, modern living has led us to lose this extremely valuable electrical connection with Nature and its healing frequencies.

We need to enhance the influence of these healthy energies of Nature to protect our bodies by using some natural healthy solutions.

Nature’s healthy solutions:

1. By Grounding or Earthing ourselves, we enhance our ability to receive negatively charged electrons from Earth and Nature.

Grounding/Earthing improves sleep, circulation, digestion, brain wave activity, energy, healing from injuries, decreases inflammation, anxiety, irritability….

The simplest way is to walk barefoot on grass, or sit on grass/earth or even keep our hands on them.
If that is not practical, we can now use various forms of equipment ranging from computer mats to bed sheets and walking slippers that produce the Grounding/Earthing effect which would protect us from the hazards of perverse energy.

Find out more about Grounding and Earthing resources.

2. Be near the sea or bathe in the sea or lake water

3. Eat foods rich in sulphur and anti-oxidants

4. Drink plenty of living water


CELLS, Incredible Cells!

The most fundamental living units of our body are its incredible CELLS. They harbour materials and intelligence that cause the healthy functioning and self-repair mechanisms of the body to work optimally.

Amongst the vital elements the body cells use are Oxygen, Water, Nutrients, Vibrations, Light Photons and other specific signalling molecules…

For the various body cells to function in unison it is crucial that they communicate well with each other.
Light Photons and other specific signalling molecules are used for this purpose and are native to the cells.

These molecules are present in every cell of the body, are crucial to maintaining health or to becoming healthy if we are not.
As we age, get exposed to the environmental toxins and various stresses of life, that diminish the body’s cellular function, the ability to maintain a proper balance of these molecules diminishes as well.

Fortunately recent discoveries have found ways to replenish these vital molecules necessary for cellular communication and health.

You can find out more on how to replenish cells for our self care and wellness.