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Recover and Recharge Energy.


Launch of a Wellness Program to Recover and Recharge Energy.

Energy is the Spark of Life and the Foundation to Good Health!


This program consists of a series of treatments which work to:

  • Regulate the part of the Nervous system that enhances Relaxation and Blood Flow
  • Recharge the Energy producing factory in our cells
  • Boost antioxidants and other anti-ageing mechanisms


The treatments delivered usually over 3 weeks are:

  • Gentle and non-invasive.
  • Utilise elements of Nature that are also natively found in our cells leading to healthy function of the body.
  • Ancient knowledge delivered by modern technology.
  • Oxygen from Air activated by energised Light photons filtered through Water along with Nutrients.


Do You Want to Recover and Recharge Your Energy?

Book a Free Consultation with Dr Simi Khanna now

to embark on the program to Recover and Recharge your energy.

East Grinstead .,

 (Dr Simi Khanna MBBS, DhoM, DipBRT
Over 30 yrs of clinical experience)

Thanks again for your help. A course of treatment under your guidance was most successful…

Mrs D.R.


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