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Valuable Prescriptions to Share

As the New Year dawned I recalled some valuable ‘Prescriptions from Heaven’  which I am sharing with you and hope their application will enrich your Wellness Lifestyle!

  • Reflect on your previous year with gratitude, before raising the sail and setting the course for your new year.
  • Rather than thinking about your activities, think about the space in between those activities.
    To sustain a steady rhythm in your life, focus on the space between the beats.
  • When you aren’t sure what action to take, it might be better to take no action and to observe. The best way to understand your world, is to be still And observe.
  • The more you focus on what you love, the more love you experience.
  • Notice what happens when you fall in love with who you are, and what makes you uniquely special. 
  • Give your doubts a rest, so more positive voices can inspire you.
  • Focus on your strengths and let them carry you beyond your weaknesses.
  • When you hear yourself begin to complain, do this,Turn your complaint into a lesson… and then manifest something beautiful out of the lesson.

Wishing you a wonderful Year filled with Love, Light and Joyful Wellness !

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