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Wellness is an all-embracive term:

It includes physical, emotional and spiritual stability, laying the foundation for a fulfilling, joyous journey through life!

Lifestyle and stress management play a vital role in Wellness and the Joy of Living!Wellness Lifestyle Management


Are you stressed?

  • If so, the cells in your body are constantly forced into a “defensive mode”.
  • If this is continuous, the body breaks down and you are no longer able to repair it with the body’s natural repair functions.
  • Fight/flight mechanisms kick in and shut down many of those natural functions.
  • Your brain dims down to almost stupidity levels.
  • Genetic ailments can also express themselves due to stress
  • If you remove that stress, even genetic issues can heal


Under stress, cells cannot take in proper amounts of Oxygen, water or nutrients. They do not release waste or toxins. They do not communicate with other cells to keep your body healthy.

Emotions (energy in motion) are also stored as electrical frequencies. Energy patterns reside in cellular memories.

  • Every thought one forms broadcasts a distinct frequency
  • A shift from negative unhappy thoughts/emotions to positive joyful ones, creates a change in heart rhythms
  • This leads to a favourable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the whole body.
  • Early Heart-math research found that negative emotions throw the nervous system out of balance. When that happens heart rhythms become disordered and appear jagged on a heart monitor.


“A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker than a germ!” – John Steinbeck


Can emotional trauma, on-going stress or negative emotions get trapped in your cells?

Would this severely limit your health and cause chronic illnesses?

On the other hand positive emotions have been found to increase order and balance in your nervous system. It can also produce smooth, harmonious heart rhythms.

These harmonious and coherent rhythms do more than reduce stress – They have been found to enhance people’s ability to clearly perceive the world around them.


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