Oxygen Therapies

I Breathe, therefore I am! – Oxygen Therapies.




  • Increase Oxygenation of your cells (It is proven that diseases including Cancer grow in poorly oxygenated tissues of the body- Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel prize winner 1931)

  • Regulate your Immune system

  • Increase Energy production (Energy is the basis of Health)

  • Increase the activity of your Anti-oxidant enzymes

  • Reduce the level of acidity in your body

  • Improve the functioning of every system in the body

  • Enhance healthy-ageing

  • Promote Well-being, Relaxation and Balance


Oxygen TherapiesAir is here, there and everywhere! Without air there would be no life on Earth! We cannot breathe without air but because we cannot see it, we take it for granted. We don’t even notice that it’s there, unless something makes our breathing difficult or stops it altogether. Then suddenly air becomes all important.

Human beings can survive for days, even weeks without food or water but only a few minutes at most without air!

How often do you think about food?

Humans spend much of their time preoccupied by the subject of food. What they would like to eat, what should not eat and when is their next meal?

How often do they think about the most important food of all? This is the food that enables life to begin and without which survival is measured in terms of minutes. This food is called air!

Yes it’s a food, vital to survival and yet we seldom think about it.

Air touches plants, flowers and trees – nature’s children! It nourishes them as it nourishes us.

Air in fact is the very stuff of life itself and yet we constantly forget it except when there’s a shortage of it.

The Vedas, the ancient teachings and source of much wisdom from India, uses the word “Prana” which is defined as “the breath of life”.

Breathing begins and ends the circle of life. In the duration of that life we can do many things to support our breathing in terms of regeneration and prevention of respiratory illnesses.

Human health and performance is directly linked to the body’s own ability to utilise the oxygen in respiratory air, which is the very best source of food and health.

Through the intelligent use of oxygen in the air, we eliminate up to 70% of the toxins and other harmful substances from our bodies!breath-of-fresh-air

Some important facts:

  • Every 24 hours a person at rest breathes about 400 litres of oxygen and considerable more during physical exercise.
  • We breathe in some 8 litres of air per minute (21,000 litres a day)
  • An adult at rest breathes 14 to 18 times a minute (more than 21,000 breaths a day)
  • We use only 25% of the oxygen in the air we breathe (ref: Prof. Bohles, Deutsche Kassenarztverbandl, German Medical Association 1995)
  • A whale uses 95% of the oxygen in the air it breathes.
  • Humans make poor use of respiratory air, which consists of 21% Oxygen. We can only about 25% of that amount. The other 75% is exhaled again unused.

It’s not the quantity of oxygen that is important. It is the ability of the organism to use it! The weaker or older you are, the less oxygen the body uses.

There are various forms of Oxygen healing therapies which enable the person to make the best use of Oxygen in respiratory air which have beneficial holistic effects.


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