Electromagnetic Frequency Therapies

Electromagnetic Frequency Therapies.

Electromagnetic Frequency Therapies

Just as a fish lives and moves about in water, so do we humans live in a sea of pulsating electromagnetic fields on planet Earth, which are the stimulus, the catalyst and the very spark of all Biochemical reactions in life forms.

Every aspect of life is energetic in design. The body is a complex, dynamic system of electrical impulses and pulsations that organise and govern all its processes.

Quantum Physics is the study of the behaviour of Matter and Energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear and even smaller microscopic levels.

  • Research into this area of physics has proven that energy frequencies are at the root of everything.
  • Unwellness/Disease can be traced to unhealthy energy frequencies.
  • All life forms vibrate at specific frequencies.
  • We humans are vibrational beings, with subtle energy fields emanating from all of us.
  • These are invisible to the human eye but contain vital information about our physical, emotional and mental well being.
  • Healthy cells vibrate at 60-70hz per second. Disease starts at 50hz per second. Our body is a mass of molecules vibrating at a very high level.
  • The physical body is governed by the laws of physics, namely electromagnetic, photons and gravity


The body is an environment composed of both chemical and electrical fields. At any one time we are only as healthy as our cells are able to be in that environment.

  • Our cells are like an electric battery, subject to a state of charge or depletion.
  • Electricity trumps chemistry.
  • The body cannot survive without electrical currents. This can be seen with an ECG (Electrocardiograph) which measures the electrical waves in the heart.
  • An EEG (Electroencephalograph) is used for recording and measuring the electrical waves in the brain.
  • A compromised Electrical system results in faulty communication. No messages are sent and no healing chemicals can be manufactured.


Each cell of the body has a factory called Mitochondria that generates and regulates energy.

  • Every cell also has a membrane with an electromagnetic charge which can be measured along with its reaction to electronic stimuli.
  • The cell membrane is like an antenna. Each type of cell has a different resonant frequency, in the same way that there are different radio stations on your radio.
  • When you stimulate the cell membrane with its specific resonant frequency, the cell membrane will vibrate. This increases its permeability, allowing for greater oxygenation and nutrient absorption. What’s more it produces micro currents that increase the overall voltage.
  • Without resonance, cells cannot be energised!


To sum up, the body is electromagnetic with frequency patterns that have the capacity for:

  • Resonance
  • Reactivity
  • Self Correcting


Today, with modern science we have sophisticated devices that pick up cellular frequencies, resulting in:

  • The removal of dis-harmonious frequencies.
  • Regulation or replacement with harmonious frequencies.
  • Assists in removing blockages caused by shocks, trauma, toxins, emotional issues and other factors.
  • After clearing these blockages, the integrity of the cells, their information field as well as lost energy, is restored.
  • Crippled cellular resonance is brought to a normal, healthy state, which strengthens and fortifies the body.


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