Cellular and Functional Medicine

Dr Simi uses the Cellular and Functional Medicine approach to deliver Wellness Programs.

Wellness programs are personalised to optimise your best results in transforming your health and to follow your life goals joyfully.

Dr Simi introduces the concept of Cellular Medicine:

The most powerful medicine can be found within the fundamental units of our body- its cells, it is the elements they contain and use for the healthy functions of the body:

  • Oxygen
  • Light Photons
  • Electromagnetic vibrations,
  • Nutrients
  • Water
  • Thought/emotions

These very same elements are also found in Nature making the cells within our body a microcosm of Nature that surrounds us!

This age old intelligence that resides in the body has been used by many ancient cultures to treat dis-ease and provide wellness.

Wellness Programs deliver a combination of therapies that use modern technology to Replenish and Recharge these elements :

‘Why not revitalise the Nature’s pharmacy within the cells of your body to restore your vitality?’


Functional Medicine: focuses on finding the underlying factors causing your condition .

It uses: Advanced Tests, Nutritional supplements, Homeopathic remedies, Plant essences and other substances in Nature , along with lifestyle regulation …. in order to revitalise the body and enhance the quality of your life.

The 19th Century Austrian Scientist and Naturalist, Victor Schauberger, encouraged others to “comprehend and copy nature”.

Nature’s incredible healing powers had largely been forgotten but have recently been rediscovered and can now be used effectively.