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Oxygen Therapies.Oxygen Therapies

Air is here, there and everywhere! Without air there would be no life on Earth! We cannot breathe without air but because we cannot see it, we take it for granted. We don’t even notice that it’s there, unless something makes our breathing difficult or stops it altogether. Then suddenly air becomes all important.

Human beings can survive for days, even weeks without food or water but only a few minutes at most without air!

Some important facts about Oxygen:

  • Every 24 hours a person at rest breathes about 400 litres of oxygen and considerable more during physical exercise.
  • We breathe in some 8 litres of air per minute (21,000 litres a day)
  • An adult at rest breathes 14 to 18 times a minute (more than 21,000 breaths a day)

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Light and Colour Therapies.shutterstock_146971178

The history of Light therapy dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks who recognised the therapeutic actions of Light for healing.

Scientific proof has revealed that light is the most important source of Life Energy.

That’s why we feel so much better when the sun is shining. This energy is the foundation of life itself. Light and warmth are energies we receive mainly from a natural source – the sun!

It can be said that the foundations of health and wellness are dependent upon light

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Electromagnetic Frequency Therapies.Electromagnetic Frequency Therapies

Just as a fish lives and moves about in water, so do we humans live in a sea of pulsating electromagnetic fields on planet Earth, which are the stimulus, the catalyst and the very spark of all Biochemical reactions in life-forms.

The body is a complex, dynamic system of electrical impulses and pulsations that organise and govern all its processes.

Each cell of the body has a factory called Mitochondria that generates and regulates energy.

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Nutritional Therapieseating-at-the-right-time

A balanced diet is an essential part of the Wellness Program!

Consuming a clean, wholesome, balanced diet, with minimal toxic products, additives and pesticides, that disrupt the harmonious functioning of the body, lays the foundation to Wellness.

The body with Optimum Input creates Optimum Wellness.

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Wellness Lifestyle Therapies.Wellness Lifestyle Management

Wellness is an all-embracive term. It includes physical, emotional and spiritual stability, laying the foundation for a fulfilling, joyous journey through life!

Lifestyle and Stress Management play a vital role in Wellness and the Joy of Living!

Under stress, cells cannot take in proper amounts of Oxygen, Water or Nutrients. They do not release waste or toxins. They do not communicate with other cells to keep your body healthy.

“A sad soul can kill you far quicker, than a germ!” – John Steinbeck

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Meet Dr Simi dr-simi-in-east-grinstead

Dr Simret (Simi) Khanna is a Holistic Wellness Doctor and has been practicing in the field of health for over 30 years.

She is committed in providing  assistance to people who are positively seeking to travel the road to Wellness, enabling them to follow their goals and enjoy life to the full.

Dr Khanna is a firm believer in Cellular and Functional Medicine approach and the innate power of the person to restore and transform their health. She believes in the judicious use of medical drugs.


Dr Simi Khanna Welcomes you for a Wellness Consultation. To learn more about our Complimentary Consultation, click here.