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While Covid-19 virus is a new entity and has created a pandemic crisis affecting the whole global community and we must take all precautions to keep ourselves and others safe and do our due diligence in limiting its spread.

However, at a time like this we can also take Nature’s help using the simple yet powerful products it offers in boosting and protecting our Immune defences.

Here is an Immune- boosting shots recipe I would like to share which may support you and your family during this time!

Immune Boosting Shots :

In a small Mason Jar, add 1 chopped Organic Red Onion.

Add to the above:

Freshly squeezed juice of 1-2 lemons to cover the chopped onion,

few pieces of organic ginger,

a half teaspoon of Pink Himalayan or any good Sea salt,

1 tsp of raw honey or Manuka honey or half and half honey n Maple syrup.

Then SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE and Stir !

Refrigerate and drink these tangy 1-3 shots of this daily


Nature’s Powerful Immune boosters:

While Nutritional supplements like Vitamins C, D3, A, B, Zinc and similar are great Immune boosters, let us not forget the Immune boosting and anti- infective ammunition that is found in simple, easily available and inexpensive natural dietary substances often found right in our pantry such as in this Immune booster which we can use daily for us and our loved ones especially at a time like this when we need to build our body’s defences.

Onions are known to have both anti-pathogenic and Immuno-stimulant properties, invigorating the Natural Killer cells of the body to be able to fight any invaders. The coloured phyto-chemicals in the red onion also help with blood flow and blood movement helping to disperse any toxins.

Lemons can have high Vitamin C content, greatly required by the body to boost our Immunity and assist in dealing with viruses. They also contain many minerals and plant essential oils that boost our Immune systems.

Ginger is well researched for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. While Honey assists in soothing coughs and sore throats, Manuka honey additionally has anti-infective properties and Maple syrup has a high mineral content.

Keep Well

Dr Simi