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The following is the 2nd part of the article that I wrote last week. Click here to read Part 1 if you have not read it yet.

In Summary of Part 1 from last week;
Your emotions are intimately connected to your body. Every time you have, a ‘Stressful’ Thought you turn on certain circuits in the brain, which cause the release of chemicals / Neuropeptides or chemical messengers that make you Feel exactly the way you were just Thinking. The brain which constantly monitors this then begins to generate more corresponding thoughts to the way you were feeling!

This Loop of repeated Thinking and Feeling is what creates our State of Being!

The recurrent cycle of ‘Thinking- Feeling’ that causes the Release of addictive chemicals and Neuropeptides from our brain repeatedly signal the hormonal centres like the Adrenals in our 3rd Energy centre to be aroused.
The energy broadcast in this manner by our feelings, over time gets stored via the Adrenals, in the lower three centres of our body as stuck dense emotional energy leading to the beginning of Dis-ease.

How Stressful Thoughts and Feelings affect the Electromagnetic Nature of Our Body – Part 2

Our body functions as a Magnet, having a North and South Pole.

The strength of the polarity between the North and the South poles creates and determines the strength of the Electromagnetic field that surrounds our body, invisible to many. The greater the polarity between the poles, the greater the strength of this Electromagnetic field and vice versa.

Ancient Asian cultures have known the body as a magnet and its Electromagnetic nature for thousands of years.
The movement of charge and current from the North to the South pole is what begins to produce the electromagnetic field that surrounds our body which influences the chemistry of our body.
In other words, Energy is influencing Matter!

When you are living with recurrent stressful thoughts/feelings, your body keeps drawing from the energy of this electromagnetic field, turning that energy into chemicals and neuropeptides of stress thus reducing the Electromagnetic field around your body to stored chemistry in the lower three energy centres.

When you are Thinking and Feeling in this same repetitive stressful loop and causing all that energy to be stuck and stored as chemistry in the lower centres of the body, and diminishing the polarity, then your body becomes like a piece of inert metal or a magnet with little or no moving charge to and fro from the North to the South pole and diminished electromagnetic field.

This diminished energy of the Field and lowered movement of charge between the Lower and Higher Energy centres precludes the optimum functioning of the body, its Higher Centre/ Central Nervous system, the system that controls and coordinates all the other systems/ organs of the body.
And when there is lowered frequency and energy getting to the organs, the organs begin to move into a state of disease.

To Your Wellness!

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