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It is Now Well Known that the Body and Mind in a Being are Intricately Connected and the Quality of our Thoughts and Feelings have a Profound Influence on our Body!

Every thought produces a biochemical reaction in the brain.

The thoughts we have turn on certain circuits in our brain and certain parts of our brain then begin to release a Chemical. That chemical causes you to have a corresponding Feeling to the same Thought.

The Thought-Feeling Loop and your State of Being:

Let’s say you have an angry thought, it leads to a feeling of anger…
Your Brain is constantly monitoring your feelings and when it notices you are feeling angry, it starts generating more corresponding thoughts to that feeling of anger, so you will think more angry thoughts which will produce more chemicals for you to feel more anger… and the moment you feel angry you are going to think more angry thoughts.
This loop of Thinking and Feeling… and thinking and feeling is then what will create your State of Being!

The Thought-Feeling Loop and its Influence on the State of the Body:

So, you keep thinking those thoughts, and you keep influencing a part of your Limbic brain to produce certain chemicals called Neuro-peptides.
These Neuro-peptides are chemical messengers that begin to signal different hormonal centres of the body, like the Adrenals.
Let’s say you are thinking angry/stressful thoughts and feelings, the Neuropeptides produced are going to signal the Adrenal glands in your Third Energy centre (also called the third Chakra) and make you feel very aroused.

And when you are feeling those emotions your brain is monitoring what you are feeling, and you are going to fire more of the same thoughts…
This repetitive loop of Thoughts-Feelings… hard-wires your brain into a certain specific pattern thus continuously producing the same emotions and affecting the body.

Subsequently, the Neuropeptides generated are repeatedly producing a rush of Adrenaline from the adrenals, making the person very attached or even addicted to those States of emotions and being.

As this pattern continues, over time this emotional energy gets stored as dense stuck Energy in the first three energy centres of your body leading the body to a state of dis-ease!

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To Your Wellness!

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