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In the previous two parts of this post, I wrote about how our Stressful Thoughts and Feelings cause the drawing of Energy from the Electromagnetic field around our body, the conversion of that Energy into Chemistry and its storage in the lower three energy centres of our body thus reducing the magnetic polarity of our body and the Electromagnetic field surrounding our body and the beginning of Dis-ease.

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How can we then Transform and Restore the Healthy flow of Energy in our body and its Electromagnetic field?

There are various ways, techniques and devices that have been able to assist in the process of Transforming the dense, stuck energy to a healthy flowing energy and energetic field to acquire a state of ease and wellness.

One of the ways we can achieve this transformation of stored dense energy to a free-flowing state between the two poles of the body is by using the power of our Inherent Breath!

While there are many Breathwork techniques for doing this, (which can be easily found and followed), the Principle behind these is to move your Breath up through the body creating an upward current in order to re- propagate the healthy flow of energy from the Lower to the Higher Energy Centres and vice versa.

Waking Up the Sleeping Dragon

The act of Inhalation and Exhalation naturally causes certain structures in our spine to propagate a wave and cause a slow movement of molecules up through our spine to the brain and down.

In this case, when the dense stored energy has lost its natural moving quality we can facilitate its movement up and down the energy centres by contracting and squeezing the Intrinsic Muscles of the lower three energy centres or Chakras (Perineum, Upper abdomen, Lower Abdomen) while Inhaling.

The contraction and holding of the muscles of the Lower Centres muscles is undertaken during a steady Inhalation while following our Inhaled breath up our spine to the top of our head and the Inhalation held in this state prior to a full Exhalation.

This process of using your breath accelerates the flow and conductivity of the charged molecules within the fluid bathing our brain and spinal cord, called the Cerebro-Spinal fluid, up through the Spinal cord towards the Brain.

This acceleration of charged molecules in one direction will begin to then create an invisible Electromagnetic field
and draw Energy from the Lower Centres in this upward direction.
The body then has a moving charge again and becomes like a magnet producing an Electromagnetic field.

By repeatedly doing this process you can use your body and breath to elevate and ascend the stored dense energy thus waking up the ‘Sleeping Dragon’, its healthy magnetic charge and causing the body to return to its State of Ease!

To Your Wellness!

Email if you have any questions.