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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Wellness News

Undoubtedly, you have been flooded with news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effect on the worldwide community and advice from various sources for prevention of its spread and affliction.

While it cannot be denied that a global event such as this can instill feelings of fear, panic and uncertainty about one’s future, the Universal law of polarity says…  Everything in the Universe has an Opposite which exists at the same time! For example Left exists alongside a Right, Hot with Cold, Up with Down… What we have right now is a Problem, so per this law there must exist a Solution!

And the antidote to Worry, panic and fear is Education, Preparedness and Action!

In this time of crisis caused by this event asking ourselves pertinent questions and swiftly taking action on the answers may not only be beneficial for us and the society at large but can prove to be lifesaving!

Questions and Actions?

Actions that would save lives and Immense suffering

Since this microscopic creature has chosen to spread via humans, would this not confer on us solely the discipline and responsibility to swiftly adopt social distancing and self isolating measures as well as all sanitation actions for containment of its spread to others and thus save innumerable lives and reduce immense suffering?

Could behaving irresponsibly and not taking swift action by us cost human lives and suffering?

Can we now also take steps to strengthen the defences and mucosal barriers of our body so such a virus can not infiltrate our body, by implementing the Basics of healthy living, Restorative sleep, Healthy mindset, Reduction of toxin exposure, Good Sanitation, Use of Empowering Nutrients and such instead of fearful emotions that depress its defence mechanisms and resources?

And could we benefit by having a ‘Covid-19 Self-aid kit’ assembled and at hand as a tactical measure to provide us with more peace of mind?

We are the only creatures on this planet that are ‘Be-ings’, so would this be a good test for us to Be- Be safe and keep others safe?

And while our first responsibility is to save our and other’s lives as well as reduce suffering, there is no doubt that we will also be asking questions about this critical event that may evoke answers to benefit our growth & evolution!

Questions that may benefit Our Growth and Evolution

What may have preceded such an event that has affected the global community to such a degree?

Could our actions have had an overwhelming impact on Nature’s ecology to cause such an eruption?

Could this event, lead to our conscious evolution as a species?

Could it cause us to realise that we are not the ‘mightiest’ nor able to exist alone  but rather co-exist in a collective relationship with other creations of Nature and the Universe?

Could this event be availed as an opportunity for us to slow down from our hectic routines and provide a reflective period of Silent contemplation, Meditation, Connection with nature, and an opening of our hearts and minds to our true potential?

Would it lead to a better result if we were to cultivate joy in the midst of challenging circumstances and faced this with Hope, Resilience and optimism rather than Fear, Panic and worry?

Could this lead to our productivity in other ways that may not have been accessed by us before?

(In 1665, Cambridge University closed because of the Bubonic plague. Issac Newton quarantined himself at his childhood home. It was the most productive time of his life. He discovered the calculus & laws of motion).

Could this event lead to better sanitary habits for people all around the globe?

Could such an incident provide us with more insight into planning and organising our finances and other resources / reserves in the future?

Could this ‘adversity’ be used a test of our humanity and give birth to greater service, closer kinship and love amongst humanity?

As its known that everything is Energy, can fighting this energetic entity called a virus work or is it possible that the more we fight to get rid of it the more it may fight to survive?

Could we thank the entity and usher it out because its service is fulfilled?

Can we also observe that amidst such chaos, Nature has still brought Spring to remind us to sing, smile, laugh, dance, and love?

And that amidst such an event of illness,

Wellness still abounds !!

Keep Well!

Dr Simi

During this time of critical change, I continue to support people all over the globe by providing Remote Immune boosting therapies using the Digital Biofeedback system. I would be happy to be of service if you or your loved ones may benefit from this support.