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Cellular Medicine - Ancient Knowledge, Modern Technology.


Ancient Knowledge, Modern Technology – Cellular Medicine

When one practices medicine for over 30 years, new techniques and new ideas are constantly evolving. Some time ago I began a search for the basic building blocks of good health and now Specialise in a Holistic Form of Therapy – Cellular Medicine.

What is Cellular Medicine?

Cellular Medicine is a Combination of Ancient Forgotten Therapies Delivered with the very Latest Technology, which Takes the Concept to a Whole New Level.

The core ingredients of the vital elements required by the cells of the body to remain healthy, namely Oxygen from Air, Water, Light Energy, and Nutrients, are combined with electromagnetic vibrations for the body. Processing these elements with the latest equipment to obtain activated forms of Oxygen, Light Photons filtered through water and healthy vibrations creates a remarkable regeneration of the cells and a great overall improvement in wellness.

Exciting Results!

I am very excited by the results I am achieving and would like as many people as possible to benefit by these treatments and enhance the quality of their life. I am always available for an initial free consultation, so that you can get your queries answered and embark on your Wellness Program!


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