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Aches & Pains, High Blood Pressure.Aches and Pains

The beautiful thing about Dr Simi Khanna’s Cellular Medicine techniques is that they are completely logical. Healthy cells in the body make for a healthy life. After the first couple of Active Oxygen treatments, I felt a surge of energy throughout my body and a number of minor aches and pains disappeared. In particular my knees have been weak for a number of years. I could walk fine but getting up from a chair or walking downstairs has been difficult. After receiving the light/photon treatment both knees recovered some of their strength and I now find it easier to move up and down.

I have also followed most of the nutrition advice given by Dr Khanna and have lost some weight. My blood pressure which was rather high has dropped into an acceptable range again. It all makes good sense and provided I follow the nutrition steps I am confident that these therapies will have given my 79 year old body a new lease of life.

Mr C.D.

Thank you Dr Simi Khanna.