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A blood test that can be used to screen women annually to detect ovarian cancer two years earlier than current methods seems extremely hopeful !

Researchers that analysed blood samples from 80 women over 7 years have found that measuring four proteins together can pick up ovarian cancer early at a stage where 9 out of 10 women will survive the disease.

Current blood tests only look at an elevated level of one protein CA125 has drawbacks as it is elevated in pregnancy as well as during menstruation.

The study was carried out by researchers at Queens University Belfast in partnership with Universities in Australia, Milan, Manchester and London.

Ovarian cancer is not usually detected early as symptoms are vague or absent till the late stage when the chance of a five- year survival is just 22%

These are very promising and exciting results that eventually could lead to women being annually screened for a safe and effective diagnosis leading to a 90%  chance of five-year survival.

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