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And the Key Detox of All.


Having looked at the body’s inherent modes of detoxification and various ways to support them, we should not overlook the key detox of all; the Detoxification or Clearing of Toxic Emotions.


Toxic emotions such as Anger, Guilt, Shame, Self- loathing, Fear, Regret, Bitterness, Resentment… affect all areas of one’s life.  The effects of such embedded emotions impinge on your physical health, relationships,  sabotage progress , and impede your joy & vitality.

Different types of Toxic emotions have been linked to various body parts and organs. Anger to Liver and Gall bladder, Fear to Kidneys, Grief to Heart, Disgust to Intestines, Lungs to Anxiety, Unexpressed Resentment to Joints…


There has been a great surge of Techniques in the recent years for Clearing of Toxic Emotions as indeed they are the key to restoring Health.

However some areas to ponder over and consider, to resolve or dissolve those areas are:

  • Facing up to or Looking closely at the incidents of discord or distress leading up to these emotions
  •  Restoring Communication with your self, your body and others
  • A Softening of heart and attitude towards others and yourself
  • A change  in your perspective, viewpoint and outlook about those areas
  • Learning valuable lessons from the experiences & adopting an Attitude of Gratitude for them
  • Using Laughter and Joy as tools to dissolve the discord
  • Treating Life as a Game


To your Joy

Dr Simi


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